Lake Geneva Lakefront Real Estate Sales Soar in 2012


Lake Geneva A Boat

A-Boat Sails aren’t the only thing soaring on Lake Geneva this year.


Buyer’s – Are you looking to purchase your dream Lake Geneva Lakefront Home or Condo?  You better hurry, or you may literally be “Missing The Boat”… 

Lake Geneva Lakefront Real Estate Sales have been on an amazing clip in 2012, rebounding from the lows set in 2009.  Year to Date there have been 24 Lakefront Sales (as of 11/01/2012), and nearly $54,000,000 in Total Sales Volume (YTD), rivaling 2004’s peak of $62,000,000.  With two months left to go in 2012, we have already surpassed the average sales records we logged in the boom years of 2004-2008, when we averaged 18 Sales per year with annual average Total Sales Volumes of  $46,000,000 (See the chart below for MLS Statistics). 

And if you think the pace is slowing down going into winter, think again, we have an additional 6 lakefront homes currently under contract and more in negotiations.  The total List Price value of the 6 pending Accepted Offers equals more than $12MM.  If all homes were to close prior to year end 2012, at a modest 86% List Price to Sell Price Ratio, that would add an additional $10.5MM to 2012’s Year End Sales Volume for a whopping value of $64.5MM, effectively trumping Lake Geneva’s greatest year of Lakefront Sales Volume (2004) ever!  Now that is what I call a rebound..

Lake Geneva Lakefront Sales 1997-2012 (YTD 11-01-12)

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Reflecting on this miraculous rebound, I believe the ample supply of Lake Geneva Lakefront Real Estate inventory, value prices, and rediculously low interest rates are to blame for this surge in sales, not to mention America’s pent-up desire to start investing in recreational property once again.  Lake Geneva Lakefront Real Estate has once again proven it’s reputation as a “flight to safety” and one of America’s finest recreational gem’s. 

I truly believe there has never been a better time to purchase your dream Lake Geneva Lakefront Home and I want to help you Resort To A New Way Of Living.   I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss with you our fabulous inventory of value priced Lake Geneva Lakefront homes and condo’s.  Please contact me by phone or text at 262-949-3996 or email me at

Mick Balestrieri Lake Geneva Lakefront SpecialistMick Balestrieri is a Lake Geneva Lakefront Specialist and Top Producer for Keefe Real Estate in Lake Geneva WI. Mick has been a licensed Realtor spanning 3 decades, was born and raised on the area lakes, and enjoys sharing his knowledge of the lake lifestyle. If you would like more information about lakefront / access opportunities on Lake Geneva WI or please contact Mick by clicking here.