Time to Update Your Lake Geneva Kitchen

Updating your Lake Geneva Kitchen Doesn’t Need to Be Expensive

Interior Designer Timothy Whealon for elleDecor.com

Interior Designer Timothy Whealon for elleDecor.com

Contemporary home design on lakefront property is all about knowing what the latest trends are and which to choose when regular maintenance calls for a change in appliances or décor.

What’s ‘In’ for Lake Geneva Kitchens in 2014?

In 2014, Eco-friendly appliances are definitely ‘in’—as are the pops of bright color meant to create a vivid and welcoming kitchen.

And as convenience features continue to evolve, those are increasingly prominent factors influencing design choices.

If you are planning to sell your Lake Geneva home in the near future, there are a few home design directions that you can go in.

They’re most likely to impress prospective buyers who’ve been exploring the latest kitchen trends.

Renewable Materials

Eco-friendly Bamboo Butcher Block by RefugeBuilding.com

Eco-friendly Bamboo Butcher Block by RefugeBuilding.com

Going green is a pronounced trend, not just in home design.

Using renewable, Earth-friendly materials can be a way to update a kitchen while minimizing environmental impact.

A sample idea would be a sustainable bamboo parquet butcher block to grace the kitchen counter or table.

They come in beautiful, rich wood tones, and when large enough to cover a substantial counter area, can warm the feel of the entire room.

High Tech Gadgets

Photo Courtesy of Siemans/Multimedia Ventilation Hood

Photo Courtesy of Siemans/Multimedia Ventilation Hood

Another (almost diametrically opposed) current direction is to deck the kitchen out with a few of the latest high-tech gadgets.

Even if you resist an ultra-modern look, a few chic techie touches can add a dash of luxury to your Lake Geneva kitchen.

TVs aren’t just for refrigerators anymore.

Siemens Home Appliances makes a multimedia ventilation hood comes with a 17-inch LCD screen.

It has options for listening to music and watching TV, too.

It’s a creative way to make cooking more entertaining—and one that would certainly help make your Lake Geneva listing stand out!

Appliances in Bright Colors

Color hasn’t always been popular in kitchens, but lately, appliance manufacturers have been less shy about offering exuberant finishes.

You can find blenders, toasters, microwaves and refrigerators in bright blues, pinks, reds, yellows, greens and oranges.

And the smaller, more portable appliances can be an inexpensive way to add a splash of color to your kitchen, too.

Big Chill Kitchen Appliances at www.BigChill.com

Big Chill Kitchen Appliances at www.BigChill.com

Stay Neutral Rule when Selling Your Home

If you’re planning on selling your lakefront home soon, I’d recommend you forgo the large, bright appliances.

Don’t invest in a red refrigerator or pink dishwasher just yet. You don’t want buyers to walk into your house and immediately think about the extra costs of replacing a stove or refrigerator because they have a strong reaction to the color.

So if you are getting ready to sell your home, it’s always wise to go with neutral colors, no matter how gorgeous that red fridge might be.

Confine the color pops to bright accent chairs, plates, or colorful floral arrangements.

Valerie Pasquiou Interiors + Design, Inc.; Houzz.com

Valerie Pasquiou Interiors + Design, Inc.; Houzz.com

Copper is Popular

In-Detail Interiors at Houzz.com

In-Detail Interiors at Houzz.com

Copper is also an increasingly popular trend in kitchen design this year.

Its natural antibacterial properties make it a practical home design element.

With a cool, rustic hue it looks great in warm, gold-toned kitchens.

Copper sinks and faucets are both practical and stylish – although keeping them bright and shiny can be a challenge.

There are certain things you’ll need to do in order to maintain them.

The great thing about copper is that no matter what your kitchen style, a copper sink and faucet will look beautiful.

It’s a great conversation piece, and a BIG PLUS when it comes to selling your home.

Selling Your Lake Geneva Home? Think Kitchen Update

Lauren McPhillips with Erin Feasby for Bleeks Design for StyleAtHome.com

Lauren McPhillips with Erin Feasby for Bleeks Design for StyleAtHome.com

If you are thinking of selling soon, consider incorporating one or two current Lake Geneva home design ideas if your kitchen could use a decor infusion.

Looking for more ideas?

Let’s connect. We’ll discuss what is making today’s lakefront homes in Lake Geneva S-E-L-L!

– Michalene
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Lake Geneva Water Safety Patrol: Keeping our kids safe


Thank you Lake Geneva Water Safety Patrol!

One of the many benefits of living on Lake Geneva that distinguishes our waterfront to many other lakes is the dedication of our lakefront residents to the awareness and safety measures provided by the Water Safety Patrol.  On the evening of Friday, August 7th you will see many boats heading toward the Ferro Pavillion, Cobalts, Streblows, Chris Crafts with boat names that are staples to this lake parked on the pier and owners celebrating under the stars.   There is a great amount of effort, tradition, money and honor in supporting an organization that protects and supports our residents and weekend warriors. It’s always wonderful catching up with friends and other couples around the lake that support the Lake Geneva Water Safety Patrol.

Lake Geneva Water Safety PatrolFrom jumping off the piers and swimming to boating around the lake, water safety is paramount.  Even with cautious practices accidents happen.  People get carried away or they try to help someone else in need and end up in trouble themselves.  It’s in that moment that the Lake Geneva Water Safety Patrol is there.  They dedicate countless hours to training for emergency situations.

Not only do the members of the Lake Geneva Water Safety Patrol perform rescues, are first responders on the scene of an accident and handle emergencies, they also teach people of all ages water safety tips.

The Lake Geneva Water Safety Patrol offers swimming lessons around the lake Monday – Friday at 7 different spots;  Lake Geneva Beach, Fontana Beach, Williams Bay Beach, Linn Pier, Knollwood, Lake Geneva Beach Association and Buena Vista!  They have trained water safety instructors and make sure that people understand everything they need to know while enjoying summer on the water.

The organization now has 6 boats, provides lifeguard services at 12 different locations around the lake, offers swimming lessons, boat safety classes, lifeguard training, and employs a staff of over 80 people.life on a boat

How can we support the Lake Geneva Water Safety Patrol?

Because the Water Safety Patrol is so vital to Lake Geneva, they rely on the donations and support of the surrounding communities.  They are a private, non-profit organization.  If you visit their website you’ll be able to make a donation to support the organization.  Also in August, Lake Geneva Water Safety Patrol has an annual fundraiser.  This years “Nautical Night” is a dinner, dance and auction.  It will be hosted on Friday August 5th at the Ferro Pavillion at George Williams College (the same location for the Music By the Lake concerts.)  As part of the theme of water safety, there will be a water taxi that will transport you from your pier to the event and return you home safe and sound. Reservations are required and tickets are on sale now.  To reserve your seat at this grand event contact Ted, Brigid or Carol at 262-245-6577 or e-mail wsp@genevaonline.com for more information.

While you are out enjoying the beautiful lake this summer, please remember to tip your sunglasses to the Lake Geneva Water Safety Patrol!  They are a vital part of our precious lake!

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Your Direct Connection to Lowering Your Lake Geneva Lakefront Tax Bill

investingOwning a lakefront property on Lake Geneva is an investment of time, money and most of all family.  We all dream of lakefront ownership and the logistics of the monthly overhead is a reality.  The important aspect of this to realize is that time and money are valued, safeguarded and wisely invested when you have trusted resources available to you.  The silver lining in the Lake Geneva Lakefront Real estate market trend is based off of sales since 2008.  If you are currently a lakefront owner, pay attention to your tax bill. Below is the schedule of dates pertaining to each municipality.  If you are interested in speaking with an expert on this subject click this link and work directly with the person that can help you save time and money.

The profile buyer acquiring Lake Geneva Lakefront Property is calculated, conservative, goal oriented, driven and always accessing their resources to fine tune their portfolio.   It’s time to spend your summer stress free.  If you are organized, informed and implement this service, your investment will be that much sweeter.   There are also owners on Lake Geneva that have found themselves in the position of inheriting their parents home.  According to Forbes, “Boomers stand to inherit upwards of $27 trillion over the next four decades, according to The Center of Wealth and Philanthropy at Boston College, and a portion of that includes the house their parents lived in.”  The multigenerational ownership lake homes are at the top of the list to check up on their property taxes, values and really check in to create a realistic baseline on understanding the current market.Lake Geneva Lakefront

We are still discussing property taxes with clients on a regular basis. Many times homeowners don’t realize just how over assessed their Lake Geneva property values are. If you have acclimated yourself to the lake and have the time to call or text from the pier we are happy to email your the latest tax bill for reference.

Being entrenched in the Lake Geneva Lakefront Real Estate market allows my team to have a pulse on property values around the lake. This is our job but also my pleasure. Just because we have money doesn’t mean we spend it. In the words of Benjamin Franklin, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” We are happy to help you.

For more information about getting your Lake Geneva Lakefront Property taxes reviewed please click here. Be sure to include the property address and best method to contact you.


(All communication concerning your Lake Geneva Lakefront property are strictly confidential. Please don’t hesitate to contact Michalene at 262-745-3738 (text is best), www.michalenemelges.com, michalene@michalenemelges.com )

Sheridan Road Magazine

I’m very excited to be a part of the April 2014 issue of Sheridan Road magazine and to be interviewed by my friend, John Conatser.

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Springtime is Prime Time for Listing Your Lake Geneva Vacation Home

Know When it’s the Right Time to Sell Your Lake Geneva Vacation Home


Before April 15th came and went, perhaps you and your accountant had one of those occasional chats about your assets and liabilities.

If owning your vacation home in Lake Geneva has resulted in more taxes or less financial gain than you’d planned for—or if you and your family just don’t use the place as often as you used to–this spring or summer is a good time to consider selling.

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Monday with Michalene

Lake Geneva WI

Custom Built Home In Country Club Estates

Luxurious, custom built home in Country Club Estates.


Enjoy seasonal views of the West End of Lake Geneva from nearly every room.

A11 A7

The ideal location to enjoy the lake with friends and entertain in this spacious thoughtfully designed home. Hardwood floors, large group kitchen, screen porch, sun drenched master suite with a wall of windows to maximize your views of the lake.

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Protecting Your Lake Geneva Investment

When we read or hear that Lake Geneva property values continue to be on the rise, it’s a relief.



No matter what else is going on, at least our real estate investments are back on track! That comforting thought has a less reassuring sidebar, though, having to do with time and its effect on our investments.

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One of the Most Sought after Locations on Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva Manor – New Home Listing!


The Lake Geneva Manor has always been the favorite of many…walk to town, awesome pier with a full time lifeguard, and beautiful views on the water watching the Gage boats stroll by.



Enjoy your summer days in this newly renovated home,  professionally decorated, including boat lift.




This stunning 4 bedroom, 5 bathroom home is perfect for those who love to live in style.







Every room of this beautiful Lake Geneva Manor home boasts gorgeous views of Lake Geneva. Enjoy your day sitting on the wrap around deck looking over the professional landscaped yard.




The walk out on the  lower level is complete with an amazing wine cellar to house your extensive wine collection and newly added screen porch.




This lake view home has so much to offer! Only steps to the Lake Geneva Manor Association with access to the park, private swim pier, boat pier, and sandy beach play area.







Listing Price: $ $1,699,000
Address: 1530 N. Lakeshore Dr Pier 10
City: Lake Geneva
State: WI
ZIP: 53147-9705
MLS #: 1273644
Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 5

Enhance the Visual Appeal of Your Lake Geneva Home

image one resize

Your Lake Geneva Home is One of the Greatest Investments You’ll Make

It’s important to remember that your home is not just where you live, but it’s also an investment – an important investment – and it’s probably one of the biggest investments that you’ll make in your lifetime.

You’ve most likely lived in your home for a while and you like it, just the way it is.

Maybe you think that you don’t need to change anything in order to sell it – even if you’ve been told in the past that making those changes might help you sell your home.

Think like a CEO When Selling Your Home

It’s important to remember that if you keep a “business mindset”, you’ll most likely sell your Lake Geneva home faster. watch time schedule resize

When selling your home – as emotionally disconcerting as it might be – you need to look at it as a business investment, not just as an emotional one.

But even if you agree and understand that your home is an investment, a busy schedule can keep you from making important improvements and aesthetic changes needed to better position your home.

Rest assured, because there are many inexpensive and smaller projects that you can do in just a weekend that can add perceived value to your home.

Curb Appeal and Your Front Door

front door


If you can – even temporarily – surrender some familiarities.

Install a few bright fixtures and schedule a little time for some handyman work.

This small investment of time and money can pay-off, bringing rewards, ten-fold.

There are many things that you can do to increase the perceived value of your home.

And about your front door . . .

Though often overlooked, the appearance of your front door is essential.

It’s literally the point of entry to your home.

The appearance of your front door leaves a lasting impression on all of your visitors, influencing how potential buyers view your home and what they’re about to see.

Front Doors, Mailboxes and Door Knockers

test nockerConsider adding a curbside mailbox, a door knocker and a new doorknob, and giving the front door a fresh coat of paint.

You’ll see that suddenly, the front of your home has a fresh and welcomed feel that beautifully represents the rest of your home.

Your home will instantly be viewed as more inviting and welcoming to visitors and potential buyers.

There are several finishes to choose from, from brass, to polished brass, to pewter, copper, and iron, so have fun and let your creative juices flow.

Just remember to keep the rule – all hardware needs to compliment and match one another.

Also be sure that your choices compliment your door color and the exterior color of your home.

Multiply with Mirrors

mirror image

HGTV; Inspiring Small Spaces

Buyers are attracted to homes with large rooms.

So if your hallway, dining area, or another room is smaller than average, consider adding a mirror or two.

They not only reflect images, but they also reflect light and color, too.

A home can never be bright or light enough than when it’s on the market, ready to be sold.

If you’re feeling a bit daring, you can even use mirror tiles to mirror an entire wall.

Your room will appear to double in size.

A few large wall mirrors – strategically placed – can make any home appear larger and more inviting.

Remove Big TVs from Smaller Rooms

Most American have a big screen TV and their owners never want to part with them.

I agree – they’re great entertainment – and when displayed in balanced in proportion to the room, they’re a great example of home entertainment luxury.

But when visually they don’t, they just don’t work.

tv room resize

Houzz.com; Crestwood Construction, General Contractors

If your big screen is too large for the room you have it in, the room will appear smaller than it is, and that’s not a good thing when you’re trying to sell your home.

Buyers prefer bigger rooms, so if you’re selling your home and your big screen is too large, consider replacing it with a television that’s more appropriate to your room size.

You can always bring your awesome Big Screen back when you move into your new home.

Attract More Lake Geneva Home Buyers

Even on a budget, there are simple and minor improvements that you can implement to visually enhance the look and feel of your home.

last picture

Houzz.com; Andrew J. Coleman Lighting

When you do, you’ll peak more interest from potential buyers in the Lake Geneva real estate market.

Helping You Sell Your Lake Geneva Home

As your real estate agent, it’s my job to help you recognize important opportunities as they arise; ones that can benefit you when selling your Lake Geneva home.

If you’re looking for more tips and creative ideas for selling your Lake Geneva home, give me a call.testimonial for Michalene Melges

I love Lake Geneva, have a true passion for helping people, and I strive to exceed my clients’ expectations.

From returning phone calls and e-mails, to negotiating on your behalf, I am committed to helping you successfully sell your Lake Geneva home. –  Michalene