Lake Geneva Lake View Home For Sale

The Picture Perfect Lake House – Just in Time for Spring!

Lake front home for sale Lake Geneva

Indulge in incredible views of Lake Geneva, from the Riviera all the way to the Narrows.

Lake front home for sale Lake Geneva

Watch the boats pass by and enjoy every minute of your summer in this exquisite 3-bedroom, 3-bath home with a true beach house vibe.

Lake front home for sale Lake Geneva

Features include an open floor plan, floor-to-ceiling windows with custom window treatments . . .

Lake front home for sale Lake Geneva

. . . large porches for entertaining and viewing glorious Lake Geneva sunsets, hardwood floors, and marble and tile bathrooms – just to name a few.

Lake front home for sale Lake Geneva

 Enjoy the Beautifully Landscaped and Hardscaped Grounds.

Lake front home for sale Lake Geneva

And the Best Part about this Beautiful Lake Front Home?

Lake front home for sale Lake Geneva

It’s a Short Walk to Town, and it has Full Lake Rights.

Lake front home for sale Lake Geneva

Enjoy Your Lake Geneva Summer on the Private Syverstad Pier!

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Listing Price: $ $849,000
Address: 818 Pine Tree Lane
City: Lake Geneva
State: WI
ZIP: 53147-2208
MLS #:
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 3

Monday with Michalene

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Lake Geneva Real Estate Resurgence and the Special Function Room

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It’s a little like fashion and men’s ties; the same really wide or narrow ones that you’re laughing at today, you can count on will be back in style tomorrow. Changes happen – all of the time – and believe it or not, an analogy can be made between men’s ties and the Lake Geneva real estate market.

The Lake Geneva Real Estate Market and the Special Function Room

Talk about changes. After the financial crisis of 2007, the size of the average home in American began to shrink. A major casualty was the specialty room, or what could be considered ‘special function rooms’.

What is a Special Function Room?

Wormy Maple Mud Room by at

Wormy Maple Mud Room by at

A special function room is a room that is used for non-traditional purposes. In Lake Geneva real estate listings, you see them listed as gyms, saunas, home offices, laundry rooms, home theaters, au-pair suites, ‘man-caves’, and outdoor living rooms, to name a few.

They’re considered ‘extra’ rooms; desirable – but not necessary – rooms.

Special Function Rooms and a Healthy Real Estate Market

Once we began seeing a reduction in square footage, we started to notice that buyers were willing to do without the additional living space that these rooms can bring.

But today – as the real estate market begins to recover and purse strings begin to loosen – home size once again is on the rise.

New home builders report seeing an increase in the demand for more square footage – year-over-year – from 10 to 13 percent, and listings are also indicating an increase in a demand for specialty rooms.

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John Kraemer and Sons for

Mud Rooms are Making a Comeback

The most recent American Institute of Architects Home Design Trends survey indicates that mud rooms and outdoor living areas are making a comeback, too, with 45 percent of all residential architects surveyed noting an increased interest in homes with a traditional mud room (and  only 1 percent noting a decline in interest).

More Au Pair and In-Law Suites

Another interesting trend we’re seeing in Lake Geneva listings is homes that have au-pair rooms and/or in-law suites. This increase is most-likely due to the fact that many aging relatives are now living with family members, and many dual-income families often want live-in child care or elder care services.

A Decline in Home Offices

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Darryl Carter, Decorator;

Years prior, the AIA (American Institute of Architects) rated the home office as the number one, most requested special function room. However recently, home offices have become less desirable, ranking third in priority and taking a backseat to other special function rooms.

According to this survey, today we are seeing a small 22 percent of all home buyers interested in having a specialty room as a dedicated home office.

Whether this change is reflected in Lake Geneva listings or not remains to be seen, but if this is the case, I suspect that the trend is due to improved technology and the portability of laptops and tablets that simply no longer require a dedicated room to carry on business within a home.

A Higher Demand for Special Function Rooms in Lake Geneva

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Luxury Home Gyms by Crown Pavilions

With the economy showing strength and house prices expected to rise again this year, we’re probably just beginning to see a resurgence of listings in Lake Geneva that feature additional specialty rooms.

Whether modern or traditional, specialty rooms can provide today’s Lake Geneva homeowner with the convenience and functionality they need to make living lakeside just a little more luxurious and productive, too. – Michalene

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Lake Geneva

The Lake Geneva Luxury Home Market Sees Values Heating Up

If you own a luxury home in Lake Geneva, this will be important to you.

According to researchers at DataQuick – a top source for real estate and property value information – within just the first half of 2014, the number of homes selling for more than $1 million has risen by 37%.

And last month, the Wall St. Journal began its ‘Mansion’ section with the words, “We are seeing a recovery in the high-end real estate market”.

Today, the Bloomberg News reports that in the four largest cities nationwide – where luxury home prices previously fell by nearly 46% during the downturn – we are seeing a big gain, one that in the past year alone has more than doubled.

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Now we’re beginning to see a renewed interest in Lake Geneva homes from luxury home buyers, and for some Lake Geneva home owners, it’s just what they’ve been waiting for.

Of course, marketing a luxury home in our area requires a deft hand, just as selling any product to the luxury market requires familiar skills, since price tags are top-tier and buyers require service and goods that match.

The luxury home buyer is a successful person; someone whose time is important, who has most likely been well-schooled and has a discerning sense of quality, and who won’t hesitate to make an important decision.

To appeal to these discriminating prospects, you’ll need a Realtor with first class marketing skills and assistance at their disposal. Here are a few of the technical points that you’ll want to keep in mind when listing your Lake Geneva luxury home:

1. Luxury Publications and Elite Promotions: We will be targeting a narrow segment of the population, and our advertisements will be on websites and in luxury publications where that kind of buyer will often frequent. It’s important to recognize that placement in elite publications will help to enhance your property value through association.

2. Luxury Communities Produce Luxury Homes: When people purchase a luxury home, they aren’t just buying a home; they are reinforcing a preferred lifestyle. That means the community will also become a prime selling point. You will have insider knowledge into the workings of your community; knowledge that I – as your agent – will use when marketing your home. When potential buyers have a sense of being ‘in the know’, it gives them a more confident picture of their future community, and future within the community.

JAL pier

3. Luxury Homes Stand Above the Crowd: Successful people usually regard themselves as standouts because they usually stand out, ahead of the crowd. And just as they like to stand out, ahead of the crowd, the same can be said for their taste in homes. It’s difficult to find a luxury home buyer who wouldn’t choose a distinctive property over one that, even though luxurious, isn’t special in one way or another. This is why we will carefully identify the points that make your Lake Geneva home unique, and then showcase the story.

If you are preparing to sell your Lake Front luxury property, it’s important to team with a Realtor®  who has the contacts and networks keyed to a preferred segment of the population that you wish to market to.

For a confidential property evaluation, please feel free to contact me today in order to learn the value your Lake Geneva luxury home, and the return it can bring in today’s rising market climate!

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Lake Geneva

The Do-it-Yourself Project that Lake Geneva Home Sellers Can’t Ignore

Pay Attention to the Details when Selling Your Lake Geneva Home

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If you’re getting ready to list your home in Lake Geneva or Fontana, pay close attention to the smaller details that can easily be overlooked. They can determine – and even damper – a prospective buyer’s enthusiasm (and the size of an offer, too).

If Needed, Replace Worn Kitchen and Bathroom Grout

tile two

Photo credit of Fiorella Design at

One of the simplest – and most noticeable – details that many sellers overlook when preparing their home for showing is their kitchen and bathroom grout. Bathroom and kitchen grout should always be clean and flawless. When it’s not, it will detract from even the cleanest kitchens and bathrooms.

DYI Experts Take You Step-by-Step

Do-it-yourself fixes like re-grouting are relatively easy to master. Here are some tips from the DIY experts to help you solve this problem before the first prospective buyer arrives at your door.

tile three

Selling Your Lake Geneva Home – Replacing Old Grout

1. First, chip away any questionable grout with a chisel and hammer. Be sure to aim the chisel directly into the grout to avoid damaging any surrounding tiles. And take your time; working too quickly can lead to chipping tiles, and the next thing you know, you’ll be replacing them, too.

2. Keep a vacuum handy. Once the grout has been removed, thoroughly vacuum away any leftover debris. You’ll want to make sure that the area you’re about to re-grout is clean before you begin.

3. Always wear gloves when re-grouting.

4. Use a grouting float – available at most hardware stores in the Lake Geneva area – as you work, making sure to spread the grout evenly between every tile.

5. As you move the grout along the tiles, cover any gaps in-between, pressing it firmly into corners with your fingers.

6. Finish the job with grouting sealant, making sure to leave enough time for the grout to dry evenly before using the area or getting the surface wet.

A Little Grout Can Go a Long Way

tile four

Dan Waibel Designer/Builder at

Re-grouting your kitchen and bathroom counters, bathtubs, and showers isn’t an expensive project, but you will find that the time you’ve invested – plus any momentary investment that you’ve made – will more than pay for itself when it comes time to show and later sell your home.

Increasing the Perceived Value of Your Home will Increase the Value of Your Home

tile five

Architect Dillon Kyle; Hope’s Windows; Skelton – St. John; Lucas Eilers Design Associates, LLP; Fairway Development Corp.; McDuglad-Steele Landscape and Architects. Photo credit at

As The Wall Street Journal points out, real estate deals can fall through at the last minute for a number of reasons.

While crumbling grout is unlikely to cause a deal to fall apart, paying close attention smaller details – like making sure that you have sparkling, well-cared for tile and grout in your bathrooms, kitchen, and other areas that appy – will increase your home’s value, and increase your chances for getting the price you want for your home, too.

If You’re Ready to Sell Your Lake Geneva Home, Give me a Call.

If you live in Lake Geneva or Fontana and you’re ready to sell your home, the time to get ready is NOW.

Give me a call; it’s SPRINGTIME, and that’s always one of the best times to sell your home!

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What to Do After Listing Your Lake Geneva Home

We’ve listed your Lake Geneva home on the MLS. What’s next?

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Knowing what to expect next can make the process of selling your home seem more manageable. Here are some steps you’ll want to follow:


Installing a Lock Box

As your agent, I’ll make every effort to be present for every showing, however, on the occasion that I’m unable to attend a showing, I will work with any qualified agent who shows your home. Installing a lock box in a safe location means that a qualified agent can access the keys to your home and show it to potential buyers.


Pack Up Your Personal Items

This is a great time to remove extra pictures, figurines, cooking materials, etc., from all of your counters and table tops. De-cluttering will always be one of the most important keys to selling a home, and there is no better time to begin than the present.


Scheduling Showings

You will receive a call from the Keefe office, asking if they can schedule a time to show your home. When a time to show your home has been scheduled, please leave (at least a minimum of) 20 minutes prior to the time that’s been set for the showing.  When you leave, remember to leave all of the lights turned on in the house. The brighter it is, the more welcoming your home will be.  Also, please leave the listing binder that I will make for you somewhere that’s visible.

I realize that showing your home can be inconvenient, however, please remember; it’s all part of the selling process and it will be well-worth it once your home has sold.


Shovel, Sweep, and Clear your Driveway, Sidewalks, and Patios

stearns patioRemember to clear all of your walkways, pathways, and patios of snow, leaves, and other debris that can block traffic and make things look unkempt.

Also, leave instructions for everyone to remove their shoes upon entering your home. This should help to keep your carpets, floors, and other well-traveled areas clean.


Returning Home after a Showing

After a showing, I’ll text or call you.  A survey will be sent immediately to the showing agent. Please try to be patient while waiting to hear back from us, as every agent does their best to share feedback as soon as they’ve received it from potential buyers.

When no immediate feedback has been received, that is typically an indication that the property wasn’t ‘the right fit’ for the buyer. Don’t worry though, because the right buyer will come along.


Pier Configuration, Summer Photos, Property Surveys, and House Plans

michalene_melges_lake_geneva_mls_listing_pierIn Lake Geneva, having a pier will always be a plus when selling a home, so be sure to add any photos of your pier to the listing binder.

Photos of the pier in the summertime will be an important visual for potential buyers, and for agents, too. Include any surveys and house plans, as well.



Monthly Property Costs

Often, buyers will ask for monthly utility numbers and maintenance costs.  When selling a Lake Geneva home, or any lake home for that matter, the assumed maintenance can sometimes overwhelm potential buyers, but that is usually only because they were previously uninformed. Please provide any monthly property costs that you can so I can include it in the listing binder, as well.


Holy Cow, We’ve Received an Offer!

We have spent a lot of time positioning your home, staging it, photographing it, AGGRESSIVELY marketing it, and preparing it for a home inspection.  It’s now the complete package. Now you’ve got an offer!


Lake Geneva Sunset

When we receive an offer from a buyer, I’ll get in touch with you immediately. Remember, an offer to purchase is not LUCK. There are always buyers looking for property on Lake Geneva.  They understand value and will react.

Never take an offer lightly. The buyer and the agent presenting the offer have most likely worked together for some time to get to this point. When your home is positioned correctly, it will be your reward.

Next, we will get to a place of acceptance, and then CLOSE THE DEAL.


If You Don’t Receive an Offer

What happens if your house has been on the market for 30 days or more and there have been no showings and no offers have been made?


Photo credit to

If your home is ‘quiet’, there will only be one reason – because of where it is positioned on the market. When a house is placed on the market, the market reacts immediately. If it reacts in silence, then we’ll have to discuss our Plan B, and proceed accordingly with caution.

When property continues to be positioned over market value, it stays listed and ultimately becomes a tool for the competition. Just picture someone saying,

Look, Agent X.  I could buy this home or THAT home; one that clearly has more value.”


Your Overall Mindset

You are my priority, and I look forward to working with you – from escrow to closing.  We are marketing your property for sale, and your house is now THE MOST VALUABLE and competitive product available.  It has a spotlight on it, and it should be the prettiest and most inviting product ‘on the shelf’, so to speak.


Photo credit to

Your home needs to be something that cannot be ignored, missed, trumped, or lived without. You need to visualize the family who you want purchasing your home and ask yourself, what would THEY want to see?

To be successful at selling your home, you need to always be looking ahead to the next step in the process.

Think of your home as a product you are preparing that your buyers will be stepping into. Follow the processes I’ve outlined above, and it’s likely that you’ll be selling your Lake Geneva home very soon.

I want to sincerely thank you for allowing me to be a part of the process in selling your home. Please feel free to reach out to me at 262-745-3738.

With warm regards,

Michalene with The Megles Team; Your Lake Geneva Experts



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