8 Great Reasons to List Your Home During the Holidays!

Many people ask when is the “right’ time to sell? Should I take my home off the market during the holidays? Should I wait to put my home on the market in Spring?

I have a few answers… First, there is no “bad” time to sell! The “right” time is now! Interest rates are at a record lows, and those that are qualified to purchase are ready to buy!

The Reasons …
1. Serious Buyers are people who look during the holidays.
2. Competition – the inventory is significantly lower during the holidays so there is less to choose from which means more money for the seller.

3. Decorated Homes show great – your seasonally decorated home gives the buyer that “home” feeling that triggers the purchase!

4. Buyers have more time to look during the Holidays. Buyers traditionally have additional days off.

5.Some Buyers want to Buy by the End of the Year. Whether for tax reasons, school enrollment or job transfer, which companies make these decisions at his time of year. It is a fact and it happens frequently.

6. Sell Now, Close Later – It is smart to sell when the inventory is low so you can maximize price and you can always delay move until after the Holiday.

7. You can still be On the Market and we can restrict the showings during your Holiday get togethers. Your house is already “company clean” so it looks better than ever!!

8. By Selling Now… you can move on and be a non-contingent buyer during the Spring market when there will be more competing inventory on the market for less money!

I look forward to helping you through the home selling process and optimizing the current market giving your home the opportunity to sell now. I am happy to meet with you and make the Holidays even brighter with a home sale!! Please contact me to find out how to maximize your Holiday home selling.